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by my own worst enemy

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released May 1, 2012



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Track Name: Backyard
i miss that sill where we put avocados
to riped up in the kitchen sun
that sill looked out onto a lawn, green and yawnin'
never complainin'
i can hear her blades callin' us home
never complained when we let those cats out to roam.

she was so generous to us that green patch
where we camped out and lamped out and danced
playin' ball all those long, lazy summers
who knew a patch of grass
could bring such tears to my eyes?
i'm barefoot and drinkin' a beer
in the summertime.

i miss that backyard where we lived
and i miss all our friends that stopped by
nothin' green can last
that's what they said
time to move on
that's what we did.

i miss that backyard where we lived.